Why I want a pair of glasses

I want glasses. Yes, glasses! Not the regular kind, instead I’m talking about the Google Glasses, the wearable computing project that Google is set to release to the public by Q1 or Q2 in 2014.

Google Glass is currently in beta with a number of early Evangelists testing them. I’ve been fortunate to engage and work with some of these evangelists and discussing with these visionaries how the Google Glass project will change the world. In addition I was lucky to attend an event with the Chief Tech Lead on the Glass project the other night, an outstanding event that added to my enthusiasm for the project. The opportunities for the project are immense. They’ll enable better healthcare, improve education, create billions of new dollars in revenue in entertainment and overall make the day to day life of you and me easier and more enjoyable. To illustrate on a very small scale I imagine a day in my life before then after the Google Glass project. 

Before Google Glass: I wake up at 5.30am, roll over in bed and reach for my iphone to check for email, scrolling through the mails while trying not to wake up my wife and 2 year old child with the screen glare. Coffee time then a quick workout where I try to read the tech news while keeping up my pace on the stairmaster….this is hard and I end up listening to a podcast instead and typing away short responses to the most urgent mails. I’ve got a morning meeting I’m running late to and I pull out the phone to input directions to the place in Google Maps. I commit the first legal offense of the day as I use my left eye to text in the address while keeping my right eye on the car in-front of me….impossible mission. I get to the meeting, drive around to find a parking spot, park and try to find the office I need to go to. After asking the Concierge for the correct floor to go to I arrive in time. We spend a few minutes discussing the latest sports results then dive into a discussion around a business opportunity. After 1 hour of discussion we agree to get our teams to research a number of items and for us to meet again in a few weeks. …the day continues.

After Google Glass: I wake up at 5.30am, roll over in bed and reach for my Google Glasses, whisper “OK Glass” and am served up my schedule for the day. I swipe my right index finger to email and scroll through them quickly while still laying down in bed. My wife and 2 year old are sleeping undisturbed. Coffee time then a quick workout where I try easily catch up on the recent news, dial my family in Denmark to say a quick hello via a short Google Hangout and respond to the most urgent emails using the voice feature integrated with the Glasses. I’m running late to my morning meeting but with Google Glass I’m automatically served the directions as it has intelligently taken my Google Calendar and searched maps for the location to serve it up to me while I’m driving. I’ve got no problems driving navigating as it’s all in the periphery of my vision. As I drive into the Office complex I am provided with the directions to the closest parking garage and park there in time for me to casually stroll to the right building. My Glasses provide me the latest social stream from the person that I’m meeting with and I comment on one his latest tweets using the voice integration. The twitter dialogue becomes an icebreaker and we quickly build report. During the meeting I we do some quick brainstorming together, quickly sharing data around our ideas using the immediate search functions with our glasses projecting to a big screen. With Glasses we make progress beyond the discussion and move into defining a number of strong hypothesis for the partnership. We agree to meet again next week to move the ball forward. As I leave the building I dial in my team via a google hangout to update them. …the day continues. 

We at Momentus are excited about the Google Glass project!

What is your opinion on the Google Glass project? Where do you see opportunities?