Google Glass Could Save Companies one Billion US Dollars By 2017; Gartner Group

Væksthus MidtJylland & Katapult Group invite you to attend this seminar with Jan Sauer, Google Glass Explorer from Katapult Group, to understand what Google Glass is, how some of the world's largest brands are using the platform, and how it may soon become a necessary technology for your company.

What is Google Glass? Check out this video.

Excited?! Seminar attendees will get the inside scoop from one of the Google Glass Explorers. Google Glass Explorers have been selected by Google as beta testers for the Project Glass and have had access to the Glass since its early launch. 

Seminar Agenda

1. What is Google Glass?

What can it do? What can it not do? Where is it truly groundbreaking and where is there room for improvement? What will it cost and when will it launch? Get specific answers and a nuanced contextual understanding of the platform from one of the early beta-testers selected by Google for Project Glass

2. B2B applications for Glass?

Is Glass relevant in a B2B context? What are some early use cases that we have seen? How could your company think about the technology? What promise does Glass hold for the future of B2B based on what we know today and the product roadmap information that is available?

3. Case: How a Fortune 500 brand is implementing Glass

A case study that illustrates how we are helping a Fortune 100 company create value by leveraging Google Glass.

4. Considerations and concerns?

Google Glass holds significant promise, but there are many considerations and some concerns related to the use of the platform.
This seminar will cover the most relevant concerns that could become drivers in determining the longer term adoption of Glass and wearables in general. 

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About the presenter:

Jan Sauer is a Google Glass Explorer (selected by Google to be a beta tester for the Project Glass) and a Partner with Katapult Group™, a professional services firm that leverages technology and relationships to grow global businesses. Katapult Group recently co-founded Spekka™, the first truly global and 100% Google Glass focused business building firm. Spekka works with Fortune 100's to small startups in helping them bring to market Google Glass based solutions that delight customers, increase revenues, and reduce costs. Please visit for more information.