Jan Sauer, Partner

Jan is a global business builder with 13+ years of b2b sales experience that is passionate about changing the world through the use of technology. Jan has founded and run multiple companies, including: TimeGrab, a mobile technology company focused on enabling the consumerization of the enterprise. Prior to joining the startup world, Jan led the Trade Commission of Denmark's office in Atlanta to become the top performing office in his organization. Over a period of four years Jan's team tripled client revenues and grew the Accelerator clientele from 4 to 27 companies. In addition Jan was selected to the Global Advisory Board due to his ranking as the top individual revenue earner in the history of the Trade Council. Prior to becoming the Danish Trade Commissioner, Jan was Vice President at the Conrad Group where he led international expansion and new venture projects for Fortune 500's. Jan has a Master of Science in Design & Communication Management from Copenhagen Business School, has completed MBA studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is a graduate from the Harvard Business School.


Brian Baucom, Partner

Brian has helped start several successful companies both as co-founder and as early-stage business development and marketing expert.  As second hire and director of marketing, he helped start DLO, a firm that he and three friends grew from their basement into a mobile category leader, generating over US$130 million in annual sales, and nine-figure acquisition in just five years.  He increased sales 700% for his last firm, establishing their products to the #1 spot on Amazon, and establishing new sales channels both online and in retail. Brian brings many years of experience designing and implementing products and brand launches using his expertise in product development (mobile applications, social networking platforms and consumer electronics), marketing and advertising, public relations, business development and direct sales strategies and initiatives. He has recently authored strategic partnerships with recognized brands such as Apple, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Amazon, AT&T, Roku, Microsoft and many others. 

Ron Garmon Katapult Group

Ron Garmon, Advisor 

Ron Garmon is a Principal at Silver Crane Advisors, LLC where he assists companies in monetizing their intellectual property. Ron brings over 25 years of international executive management experience and extraordinary depth and understand to the issue of managing and monetizing ideas in domestic and international environments. 

Prior to Sliver Crane Advisors served as CEO and COO of VueLogic and was responsible for leading the company's overall business strategy and guiding day-to-day operations. He led the sale of VueLogic to Inmar in 2012 and served as Senior Vice President of Analytics for Inmar during the transition where he was responsible for establishing Inmar’s strategy for its Analytics division. Ron’s commitment to improving the consumer experience and a site owner’s profitability while ensuring data privacy were foundational to VueLogic’s solutions. 

Prior to founding VueLogic, Ron served as Senior Vice President of Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX), where he led operations in 21 countries across 5 continents. In his role as Senior Vice President his assignments included – International CIO, President Equifax Secure, President Equifax Check Services International and Chief Operating Officers Equifax Check Services. 

Ron currently serves on the Board of Directors for Georgia Family connection Partnership (www.gafcp.org) and the Board of Advisors for BrandMovers Inc.. (www.brandmovers.com) and the College of Statistics for Kennesaw State University. 

Ron holds a BBA degree from North Georgia College, a Juris Doctor from Woodrow Wilson College of Law and is a Certified Public Accountant 

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