Our proprietary DDLL Venture Creation Process™ was created as a pragmatic approach to New Venture Creation. The DDLL Process™ merges our areas of expertise within global business building, innovation, design, and engineering to create a methodology for conceiving and bringing new products and services successfully to market.



Our proprietary DDLL Venture Creation Process™

Our proprietary DDLL Venture Creation Process™


The DDLL Process™ is executed as iteration cycles, typically lasting 4-6 months each. Each iteration cycle delivers a set of tangible outcomes across the four core elements of the DDLL Process™ :

a. Discoveries manifested in opportunity descriptions

b. Designs and prototypes to capture the opportunities discovered

c. Launch activities that test and validate the opportunity, in some cases expanding the fit or scale of an existing product or service

d. Feedback data captured in a variety of modalities that can be distilled and analyzed for learnings.

The DDLL Process™ is centered around the core principles of ensuring human, market and technology fit, a well known core concept for any successful business building process.

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